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Dear Visitor,

Thanks so much for stopping by this page! 

We love our jobs and we’re proud of our little company, so it’s a joy to tell you more about who we are and what we do.

PulsePoint Design has been providing quality design: web site, logos, and graphics, as well as marketing, public relations and author career coaching services since our founding in 2002.

And yes, we admit it, we have strong opinions about design

For instance, we believe that static text, shoddy buttons, and sterile web pages are bad for business

So instead of bouncing .gif images, annoying pop-up windows, and tiled flamingo backgrounds, we’d like to offer you an alternative

What if you had a web site that so perfectly reflected your individual or company personality, that it became a symbiotic extension of you online? This is our vision for your site. 

Because of this, we demand the best from our designers, and you get the best as a result. Our web sites are warm, informative, dynamic, and unique.

These same high standards apply to our graphic design. We believe that every graphic and logo we create portrays a valuable message, and we’re determined to deliver those messages with class and clarity.

We think you deserve that kind of respect

If you agree, and you’d like more information on how we can help you achieve your web and graphic design goals, click here, or visit our Services tab in the navigation menu above.

Cheering you on,
Kelli Standish
Founder & Senior Designer-- PulsePoint Design

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PulsePoint Design supports MedairPulsePoint Design is proud to send a portion of all our proceeds to Medair. Click the Medair logo to learn more about their work!


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